Introducing Our First Children’s Book: Counting Starfish

A Read and Play Series from Thompson Street Farm LLC


This book was a labor of love for me and my daughter, Katie.  We’ve been painting together for years and I thought it would be fun to create children’s books using our artwork. Counting Starfish is our first and it’s an interactive book.  It’s part early reader and part coloring book.

Our next book is a garden journal complete with cool info sheets on how to be a successful gardener.

Book Description:

Children learn by experience and are stimulated by imagination.  Counting Starfish is designed to build basic concepts and what better way to learn than from the natural world?

Counting Starfish was inspired by starfish (or sea stars) living in a tidal pool off the coast of Alaska.  This interactive book teaches children the fundamental concepts of counting to ten with coloring pages providing the opportunity for each child to create their own imaginative version of a colorful Counting Starfish Book.

About the Authors:

Brenda Sullivan lives in South Glastonbury CT with her husband Paul and their daughter Katie.

They are avid gardeners who took their love for gardening to a new level by converting their 1.3 acres into a small farm called Thompson Street Farm LLC

Brenda specializes in growing small leafy greens, microgreens, flowers and herbs. She also makes handcrafted goats milk herbal soaps and herbal bath products using the herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables that are grown on the farm or locally purchased from other local farmers.  For more information on her bath and body products go to

Katie, the love of their life and the center of their universe, has severe cerebral palsy, epilepsy, is legally blind (with limited vision), and has other serious medical conditions.  Katie is nonverbal and wheelchair bound but these challenges haven’t prevented her from experiencing life.

Katie experiences her world on her terms.  With the help of assistive technology, other sensory adaptations and years of homeschooling experience, Katie understands basic concepts and has developed many interests including an appreciation for music, painting with her Mother and listening to stories.

She loves being outdoors and we’ve discovered that experiencing her natural world has been Katie’s best educator. This has been our inspiration for creating this first nature-themed series of children’s early education books.

Sample Pages:







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