Planting Pea Shoots and Microgreen Update


I hope you are all well and safe at the moment. We are doing fine. Busy trying to get the gardens started again. I just saw my first dandelion blossom this afternoon! Woop! Woop! Sping is officially here when the danilions bloom.

Here is a quick video on the progress of the microgreens and shoots. It’s still a cold out so they are not going to grow as fast. But each day we are progressing! We have trays slowly sprouting.

Pre-orders will be accepted and must be paid for before pick-up via Paypal, debit or credit card. Just go to the TSF Product Menu and place your order there.

If there is a “Add to Cart” under the item – then the product is available.

All food items must be picked up – no shipping is allowed – due to state regulations. Sorry…

Food Items For 2020:

Herbal Tea:

Lavender Harmony Tea

Minty Mint Herbal Tea

Lavender Bedtime Tea

Winter Chai

Cinnamon Rose Tea (with powdered coconut milk)

Blueberry Raspberry Hibiscus Tea

Pumpkin Pie Herbal Tea

Dried Herbs, Seasonings & Mixes:

Culinary Dried Lavender

Lavender Sugar

Sage and Lemon Finishing Salt

Lavender Sel de Provence

Herb Gardeners All-Purpose Blend (salt-free)

Lavender Lemonade Mix

Dried Mushrooms

Italian Seasoning (for dipping bread)(pending state approval)

Jams, Jellies Preserves:ย 

Lavender Champagne Jam

Rosemary Wine Jam

Lavender Blueberry Jam

Elderberry Jam (pending state approval)

Flavored Oils:

Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Infused Honey:

Lavender Honey

Garlic Honey (pending state approval)


Elderberry Syrup (pending state approval)

Baked Goods:

Lavender and Honey Cookies (w/gluten-free flour and dairy-free)

Rose Geranium Shortbread (w/gluten-free flour and dairy-free)

Rosemary Lemon Shortbread (w/gluten-free flour and dairy-free)

Rose Vanilla Power Balls (pending state approval)

Nonfood items:

Microgreen Grow Kits

Mini Herbal Tea Pots

Can be shipped anywhere in the US. There is a $10.00 flat shipping fee charged.

In other news – we published our 4th book – My Garden Journal: A How-To Garden Book For Kids.

This is a workbook teaching children the basics of gardening. There are lots of gardening ideas and activities for the creative gardener. Plus a seasons worth of journal pages documenting the progress of the garden.

My Garden Journal is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, libraries and retail stores who are willing to carry the book. Just ask them to order it for you.

Copies are available for pick up: $10.00. A savings of $5.99 – from the online retailers.

Email me if you have questions or pick up a copy

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