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Our latest book – My Garden Journal has some great ideas on how to garden and a season worth of journal pages to track your successes!

Hey! Thanks for clicking on this link! Yes, we write books too! It all started with us trying to figure out a career path for our daughter, Katie, who has severe cerebral palsy. She has a compromised immune system, is nonverbal, legally blind, wheelchair-bound, and requires 24/7 medical supervision.

Adult outplacement agencies for individuals with disabilities were not appropriate for her due to her complicated medical needs after many discussions with her doctors, support staff, and some very talented people from the art community. We sat down and listed everything she loves to do. It became a no brainer that painting things about nature would be her career path.

Katie and I love to paint together, and we love to spend time outside discovering new places that are handicapped accessible. Why not combine the two! Paint pictures about nature! Painting isn’t weathered dependent, and it’s flexible enough that if Katie’s not feeling well, we can paint another day. It’s not a big deal.

After many class hours of learning software, guidance from my computer instructor, I began to do some cool computer magic with our paintings. The result was activity books for children.

I was thrilled, and so was Katie! She loves it when I show her our latest book hot off the presses. Our goal with these books is to share our love of the outdoors with children through our paintings. If we can make one child happy and excited about how cool nature is then we’ve achieved our goal.

But our story doesn’t end there! I, too, have a lot to share and want to publish books on various topics. I’m working on a story idea for fiction, I have a few biographies in mind, and I’ll continue writing nonfiction about herbs and gardening.

If you want to check out our books and where you can find them – and yes, we do offer direct sales to customers click below.

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