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Culinary Microgreen Grow Kit - Broccoli


This is a no fuss DIY microgreen kit. Perfect for the novice grower.  Everything is included - container to grow the greens, our special blended growing medium, 1 oz of seeds (enough for 2 grow growing cycles) and my secret never before shared growing instructions.  No sun required, these can grow on a kitchen counter or a shelf.  Plant to harvest takes approximately 7 - 10 days.  

Broccoli is a super food in the microgreen world.  Its high in Vitamin C and the University of Maryland found that microgreens have more nutritional power than their adult plants.  That's saying a lot! 

Broccoli is a mild tasting green and is perfect to mix with Kale as a nice salad base. Broccoli greens make a great addition to lettuce salads, garnish for meats, egg dishes or macaroni salads. 

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