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We are thrilled to announce the first book in our Read and Play Series is Counting Starfish.  

Book Description:

Children learn by experience and are stimulated by imagination.  Counting Starfish is designed to build basic concepts and what better way to learn than from the natural world?

Counting Starfish was inspired by starfish (or sea stars) living in a tidal pool off the coast of Alaska.  This interactive book teaches children the fundamental concepts of counting to ten with coloring pages providing the opportunity for each child to create their own imaginative version of a colorful Counting Starfish Book.

 Lavender Journal: Notebook Volume 1

Book Description: 

Many successful people throughout history have kept a detailed journal. While some have done so to relieve stress or record events in their lives, journal keeping can provide other benefits as well.

These include:

Increasing Self-Esteem: Recording daily exercise, what you ate for the day or what tasks you accomplished promotes a positive mindset that, in turn, creates the motivation for further improvements and/or achievements.

Enhancing the Creative Process: The act putting thought to paper enables the writer to communicate effectively and with the freedom to explore complex ideas and express them in any manner. It’s a place to let your thoughts flow without restriction or concern about editing or approval.

Boosting Brain Power: The activity of physically writing in a journal is good for your brain - so states a March 14, 2013, article in Psychology Today entitled “Why Writing by Hand Could Make You Smarter”. There is other research that highlights the hand's unique relationship with the brain when composing thoughts and ideas.

The reality is that it’s important to exercise the connections among the hand, eyes, and brain and journal writing offers a great way to keep those connections tuned up and in working order.

This Journal contains beautiful color pictures of lavender sprinkled throughout its pages to transport the writer’s thoughts and reflections into the peacefulness of the beautiful lavender garden at Thompson Street Farm.