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Thompson Street Farm LLC and Bednarz Farm 2017 Cooperative CSA

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Who we are:

Thompson Street Farm LLC:

Brenda Sullivan is the owner of Thompson Street Farm LLC and is CT’s first SPIN Farm (Small Plot Intensive Farm).  The farm is on 1.3 acres in South Glastonbury Connecticut and grows small leafy greens, herbs and small vegetables in 22 raised beds and in various types of containers.  In addition to growing leafy greens, Brenda also grows shiitake mushrooms and wine cap mushrooms.   

Brenda also specializes in growing micro-greens, which she has sold to restaurants, caterers and at Farmers Markets. 

Thompson Street Farm is a Pledge Farm through CT-NOFA (Northeast Organic Farmers Association), uses no chemicals and/or pesticides and follows the growing guidelines for organic growers. 

Bednarz Farm:

Gordon Bednarz, a 4th generation farmer in Glastonbury, CT, has a ++32-acre farm that produces primarily organic and some conventionally grown products. Tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, winter squash, eggplant, kale, and greens are grown USDA organically unless otherwise stated.  Sweet corn and strawberries are only grown conventionally.

Our Cooperative CSA Program:

Full Share: $475 for 19 weeks, value not less than $25.00 per week.  Customers will get everything that was available for picking that week.

Half Share-A-la-Carte: We listen to our customers! We now offer a half share - $237.50 for 19 weeks value not less than $12.50 per week all A-la-Carte. Each week we post a list of items and you pick what you want.   

Micro Green Share: Thompson Street Farm offers half shares $228.00 for 19 weeks.  Shares will consist of a variety of micro greens only with a value not less than $12.00 per week. 

We are always experimenting growing different products and often include “bonus” products in our CSA.  The lists below is just a “sampling” of what you will receive.  In addition, if the price is right, we sometimes include other local farmer’s products such as local maple syrup and/or honey.

Thompson Street Farm:

Micro Greens and sprouts




Green Beans

Chinese Spinach

Baby Red Russian Kale

Herbs – basil, cilantro, parsley and garlic greens

Mushrooms – Shiitake and wine cap 

1 Bar Handcrafted Goats Milk Herbal Soap once a month

1 pint jar of Champagne jam twice during the CSA season

1 pint jar of Rosemary Wine jam twice during the CSA season

1 quart jar Roasted Passata Sauce (this is an Italian pasta sauce) twice during the CSA season

Bednarz Farm:

Sweet Corn (conventionally grown only)

Strawberries (conventionally grown only)

Tomatoes (USDA organic)

Eggplant (USDA organic)

Peppers (USDA organic)

Zucchini (USDA organic)

Yellow Squash (USDA organic)

Collard Greens (USDA organic)

Boc Choi (USDA organic)

Kale (USDA organic)

Pumpkins (USDA organic)

Winter Squash (USDA organic)

Turnips (USDA organic)

Micro Greens Shares: (Thompson Street Farm LLC):

4 oz. of any one and/or a mixture of the following micro greens and sprouts:

Red Russian Kale

Pea Shoots

Sunflower Shoots


Purple Radish

Mung Beans and Lentil sprouts

Garbanzo Bean sprouts (wonderful for fresh hummus)

Popcorn Shoots


CSA season begins Tuesday, June 6th through Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Thompson Street Farm and Bednarz Farm Cooperative Full Shares:            $475      

Half Share A-la-Carte:


Thompson Street Farm Micro Green Shares:                                                        $228      

Pick-up Day: Tuesday                     Time:   4:00 pm – 7:00 PM 

Place: 49 Thompson Street, South Glastonbury (Note: pick up is in my home driveway and not at the farm)