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Pie Crust Bag - For Making the Best Homemade Pies Ever!


There are few tools that I cant live without in my kitchen. This pie crust bag is one of them.  In fact I love this product so much I'm now selling it! 

In my family baking homemade pies was a way to show our love for family and yes, show off our technical prowess in the kitchen. My Great Grandmother was known for her culinary achievements. She had many first prize ribbons from county fairs for her pies and preserves. She was also a favorite cook at the winter logging camps. Many loggers looked forward to devouring jars of fresh tomato chili which is a condiment she was most famous for as well as her fruit pies.

One didn't step into her kitchen unless you knew the basics, expectations were that high. Pie making was one of them. If you failed her test, you figured it out when told to go out and clean her chicken coop and deal with her nasty rooster! 

Me at 13 in my Grandmother's kitchen showing off my first pies I ever made. 

I learned pie making when I was 13 from my Grandmother. Thankfully she lived in a condominium so there was no threat of dealing with a nasty rooster if I failed! 

As with any new skill I struggled with lifting the crust off of the counter into the pie plate without breaking. Crust making is part chemistry and part skill. You have to get the right balance and temperature for things to go right. Too much flour and the crust is a hard flour tasting cookie. Too much fat and heat and the crust melts into a grainy blob. Too much moisture and you have a sticky soggy mess. In addition to the right flour, fat, moisture ratios. Room temperature and humidity are also important.  

Fast forward about 40 years and I'm on a mission to teach the next generation my family's pie making skills. It would be a sin not to share this wonderful skill. It doesn't matter what filling you use - if the crust is store-bought there is something lost in the final product. It's not going to taste right. Factories use all kinds of processed fats and additives that are not healthy and it does something to the final product. Trust me, there is a world of difference between a fresh homemade pie (with crust) and a factory chemically produced pie (or crust). But it doesn't have to be this way....

I admit, making a crust is not easy, but it can be mastered with a little help and some cool tricks. This bag can help with the most critical and hardest part of the process. Manipulating the crust during the roll out and dropping it into the plate! 

I have since updated Grandma's recipe to a healthier version. I use vegan shortening instead of lard, plus I found a secret ingredient that I think Grandma would have loved to know about in her day. However, any pie recipe will work with this bag. Its not necessary to use my recipe. 

The bag allows me to roll out the dough effortlessly. No more extra flour so the dough doesn't stick to the counter. I can flip the dough over and roll out to better distribute the dough. The secret ingredient is another trick to having a successful flaky crust without ruining the taste of the pie. 

My Mother tells me my pies are so good, she thinks Great Grandma and Grandma would be impressed if they were alive today! Its that easy! 


Purchase includes 1 pie bag and my adapted pie crust recipe.   

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