Brenda Sullivan is an herbalist, author, and owner of Thompson Street Farm LLC and her husband manages their 1.3 acres micro-farm in South Glastonbury, Connecticut.  Small leafy greens (microgreens), lavender, and medicinal herbs are their specialties.

Most of the medicinal herbs grown are used in the bath and body products sold under the name Farm to Bath. Make sure you check out the website Farmtobath.com.

In addition to all the growing and soaping that we do – we also publish books! All our books have an environmental theme and perfect for people who love the outdoors!

During the growing season, you can find Brenda at the South Windsor Farmers Market on Nevers Road.

Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @thompsonstfarm

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  1. Hello I am doing a scifi film and need an area with a farming inclosure. Would you be interested to allow, me an Independent film maker do scenes at your establishment?


    Michele Plunkett

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