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I own a copy of every one of these books on this list and use them for research and reference guides regularly. I have hundreds of books in my collection and these are the ones I think are the most helpful for home vegetable gardeners.  As I continue going through my library I will continue adding to this list. And of course, if I find a new cool book and think it’s worth getting I’ll share that too!

My Garden Journal: A How To Garden Book For Kids by Brenda J. Sullivan – I wrote this book after teaching gardening to school-age children for several seasons. Its perfect for anyone getting started in gardening.

The New Organic Grower: A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener, 2nd Edition (A Gardener's Supply Book),by Eliot Coleman,Sheri Amsel

Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening: The Indispensable Resource for Every Gardener by Fern Marshal; Ellis, Barbara W. Bradley 

Microgreens: A Guide To Growing Nutrient-Packed Greens, by Eric FranksJasmine Richardson 

Indoor Kitchen Gardening: Turn Your Home Into a Year-round Vegetable Garden - Microgreens - Sprouts - Herbs - Mushrooms - Tomatoes, Peppers & More,by Elizabeth Millard 

Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World, by Paul Stamets  

The Essential Guide to Cultivating Mushrooms: Simple and Advanced Techniques for Growing Shiitake, Oyster, Lion's Mane, and Maitake Mushrooms at Home by Stephen Russell 
5 Tine Cultivator Hand Tiller

Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Sun Joe HJ604C Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear/Hedge Trimmer, 7.2V

Garden Plant bags / 6-Packs 5 Gallon Grow Bags /Aeration Fabric Pots /Handles (Black) (Note: I do not recommend growing potatoes in these bags. But they are perfect for carrots, tomatoes and leafy greens. Just be aware potting soil dries out quickly in hot weather. Watering frequently is important. In addition, these 5-gallon bags are the perfect size to fit inside milk crates which offer more stability and easier to move around.) 

11″ x 13″ x 13″ Black Milk Crate (Pack of 2)   (Note: A 5-gallon black grow bag fits perfectly inside these milk crates – they are perfect to use for extra growing space.)

Leather Gardening Gloves for Women and Men | Thorn and Cut Proof Garden Work Gloves with Long Heavy Duty Gauntlet | Suitable For Thorny Bushes Cacti Rose Pruning Landscaping Work-Small (Note: we love these gloves and own several pairs. We highly recommend them for dealing with anything thorny or poisonous like poison ivy or sumac.)

6-Inch by 2-3/4-Inch Pointing Trowel (Note: I love this style trowel. Its perfect for transplanting baby plants and smoothing out potting soil in microgreen trays.  When using it to plant, I just stick it in the ground and move it forward and drop the plant in it.) 

Recipe / Cook Books

These are some of my favorite books that I go back to time and time again. If you are looking for simple easy to follow cookbooks I recommend the following.

The Art of Simple Food, Alice Waters. This is a relatively new book for me and I really like it. She reviews food prepping and useful kitchen tools. I have found using the right tool makes cooking so much easier.

The Flavor Bible, by Karen Page, Andrew Dornenburg. This book is great if you want to learn ingredient go well with what. Example, dandelion greens – a bitter green – they recommend a list of other ingredients that go well with this bitter green. It’s perfect for creating your own recipes on the fly. 

Seeds, Plants, Tubers

Baker Creek Heirloom and Rare Seeds: Organic and nonorganic rare vegetable and flower seeds.

Fedco Co-op: Organic seeds, tubers, nut trees, gardening supplies and instruction videos.

Field and Forest Products: Organic indoor and outdoor mushroom kits and mushroom growing supplies.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds: Organic seeds, gardening supplies, and instruction videos.

Kitazawa Seed Company: Organic and nonorganic Asian Seeds.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply: Organic seeds, plants, nut trees, fruit bushes and vines, tubors, gardening supplies, and instruction videos.

Sprout People: Organic and nonorganic seeds for microgreens and sprouts.

Territorial Seed Company: Organic seeds, plants, nut trees, fruit bushes and vines, tubors, gardening supplies.

Herbal Books

I’ve created an extensive resource library on this topic and as I have found some great gems that I think would be helpful to you in your journey to better health.

Herbal Healing for Women, Rosemary Gladstar. Rosemary is an internationally known herbalist and her work is well respected.  I have many of her books, but this one is a good choice for those just starting out learning about herbs. I think it should be part of every woman’s library. 

Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care, Maria Noel Groves. Maria is another well respected international herbalist and this book is a must-have in studying herbalism.  She explains how to read your body’s signals and drilling down to the root causes of illness versus just treating symptoms.

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